NCKU, 生理學科暨研究所

NCKU, 生理學科暨研究所

游一龍 特聘教授

游一龍(Lung Yu)特聘教授


台灣大學 學士,1983-1987

台灣大學 碩士,1987-1989

美國羅格斯(Rutgers)大學 博士,1992-1996

美國耶魯(Yale)大學 博士後研究員,1996-1997

成大行醫所 助理教授,1997-2002

成大行醫所 副教授,2002-2005

成大行醫所 教授,2005-

成大行醫所 特聘教授,2012-

成大生理所 教授,2017-


Substance abuse and neurotoxicity study, Social neurosciencelearning and memory


Dr. Ta-You Wu Memorial Award from NSC in Taiwan, 2002

Award for Excellence in Research from NSC in Taiwan, 2012

Award for Excellence in Teaching from NCKU, 2007; 2010

Award for an Excellent Article for the year from Cheng-Shin Medical Education Foundation, 2008, 2015

Award for NCKU Faculty of Excellence from NSC in Taiwan, 2013



分機:5106, 5455


分機:5434, 5042



1.Mechanisms underlying MA- , MDMA-, ketamine-, and polydrug-induced neurotoxicity

2.Roles of the signaling pathways in modulating cocaine-associated memory and drug abstinence

3.Sex differences in neurodegenerative diseases, substance abuse, and emotion-related mental disorders

4.Stress, aging and immune system

5.Social neurosciences (social support, conformity, learned helplessness, psychological fatigue)



Postdoctoral Fellow: Vivi Tzeng, Ph.D. major in Behavioral Neuroscience

Pursuing M.S.: Yaya Wang (B.S. major in Biological Medical Sciences), Jill Sun (B.S. major in Life Science), Alice Song (B.S. major in Bioscience), Ryan Chang (B.S. major in Marine Science?)

Research Associates (Sei Chang Chien, Heidi Deng)


Too many to be listed, will be updated in case they request for being enlisted!


Publications for the latest five years since 2012

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書及教科書(Books and Textbooks)

1.細說研究:一條尋幽訪勝的臨淵小境 與程千芳合著 (2014), 雙葉, 臺北, 中華民國

2.老年心理學:從心理科學看成功老化 與程千芳合著 (2015), 雙葉, 臺北, 中華民國

3.普通心理學 第二版 與程千芳合著 (2015), 華杏, 臺北, 中華民國